Sectional Doors

Designed to give maximum insulation and security to your home. available in a myriad of fashionable colours and styles to comply with your homes exisiting decor.

INSULATION   40mm thick our sectional doors are built to cope with the worst that the great British weather has to throw at them, providing exceptional thermal properties and achieving up to a Class 4 wind load resistance rating .

WARRANTY   A comprehensive 10 Year panel warranty gaurantees a sectional garage door which will offer years of trouble free use. the dual Zinc coated steel skins of the door panel are filled with high density polyurethane foam , whilst this designs primary purpose is to provide unrivalled insulation it also provides remarkable strength and durability.

SECURITY     Our sectional doors are by far the most secure option for your garage, 40mm thick insulated steel panels lock solidly into place when the door closes and the powerful Avanti 800nm motor acts to resist force applied to the door, making it impossible to open without activation by the user. The mechanical design of the operator boom also resists any external force applied in an attempt to open the door.     


BUILD QUALITY  Tests in independent laboratories proved that the Alutech door leaf can withstand the harshest environments, including the equivalent of 15 years of operation in coastal areas and heavily polluted industrial regions. These unique anti-corrosion properties are possible due to: • thickness of zinc coating (16 micron); • double layer paint-and-lacquer coating (PUR-PA) 23-35 micron thick