ROLLSAFE 868  Wired & Wireless

  • CE approved to latest EU regulations
  • Plug in controller terminals for motor & accessories
  • LED panel diagnostics of power and safety edge
  • Audible and visual diagnostics
  • Holiday & Auto Time close modes
  • Key Fobs with rolling code technology
868 Wired

Rollsafe 868 Wired 

Rollsafe 868 Wireless


The double skinned roll-formed aluminium curtain featuring 77 mm deep x 19 mm thick polyurethane foam filled laths provides maximum strength , superb rigidity , optimum security and 5 x more insulating properties than a conventional steel door.


Safety brakes lock off in a similar way to a car seatbelt, in the rare event that the tubular motorshould fail, the brake will lock and stop the door.

Self check safety edges are fitted as standard to Betta Roller doors. Should the door be obstructed on its descent it will stop automatically and retract to relieve the pressure off the obstruction.